What is Yieldwatch?

About Yieldwatch

Yieldwatch is a dashboard that lets you monitor and track your Binance Smart Chain DeFI liquidity pools, yield farming and token staking performance with a neat UI.

What does Yieldwatch look like?

How good is Yieldwatch?


  • Good portfolio tracking & monitoring.
  • Track yield.
  • Realtime.
  • Free to use.


  • No app.
  • Not all projects tracked.

How do we rate Yieldwatch?

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Why Yieldwatch?

Yieldwatch helps you track, monitor and analyse your DeFi stakes, yields and farms across the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. They support various DeFi projects including PancakeSwap, Autofarm, Venus Protocol, HyperJump, Jetfuel, beefy.finance, bdollar.fi, Cream Finance & ACryptoS .

Are there any other DeFi sites?

Absolutely. Check these out: Defistation, vfat.tools, Pancake Swap, Autofarm.Network, DeBank, UniSwap, SushiSwap, ethgasstation, Defi Pulse, Defi Rate and many more.