Mox Bank Referral Code: H5EJU7

About Mox

Mox is a new virtual bank backed by Standard Chartered in partnership with HKT, PCCW and They aim to deliver a new banking experience in Hong Kong, by providing banking services as well as lifestyle benefits, growing your funds and increasing your possibilities.

Referral Code Bonus
H5EJU7 200 HKD

Why Mox

Mox has one of the best interest rates, which is compounded daily in your account. They are backed by Hong Kong based companies including Standard Chartered.

Why use a Mox referral code?

You will receive a 200 HKD reward once you open an account and have spent at least 200 HKD using the Mox Credit.

How do I use the code?

Download the app, use this H5EJU7 invite code at registration, then spend at least 200 HKD once you get the Mox credit card within 30 days.

What does Mox look like?

How good is Mox?


  • High interest rate.
  • Interest paid daily.
  • No need for time deposit to earn high interest.
  • East to open an account.
  • Google Pay.
  • Apple Pay.
  • Included payment card.
  • 1% Cashback.
  • Exclusive perks from partners.
  • Deposits protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme


  • Hong Kong ID required.
  • Hong Kong phone number required.
  • HKD only.

How do we rate Mox?

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Can I get a credit card with my account?

Absolutely, just apply for it once you've opened your account.

Can I get my own Mox referral code?

Yes, everyone can get an invitation code once you've registered.

Are there any other virtual bank referral codes?

Absolutely. Check these out: Livi Bank, WeLab Bank, Airstar, ANT Bank, Fusion Bank and more.